So Fresh N' So Clean

BAC-OFF™ is a cleaner alternative to harsh and messy hand sanitizers.

Fortified with essential oils, our chemical-free formula is better for your skin and keeps hands feeling soft, hydrated and lightly scented with a hint of lemon + mint.

Killing germs never felt better

Made from clean and natural ingredients, our premium-grade sanitizer spray is clinically proven to kill germs 2x faster than gels and applies smoothly without ever leaving a sticky residue on your hands.


Touch-Free | Automatic
Smart Spray Dispenser

No Contact. No Contamination. 

Introducing our
Triple-Layered Mask

Handcrafted with a built-in filter layer made from ​Pellon® Fusible Interlining

Available in Small | Medium | Large

A purchase, with a purpose

When you use BAC-OFF™, not only do you protect yourself, you help to protect others.

For every bottle purchased, a portion of proceeds goes toward getting sanitizer into the hands of those who need it. 

To date, 10,730 bottles of hand sanitizer have been put back into the community

Donation count last updated: 10/22/2021