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Alcohol-based products are flammable and Transport Canada requires these products to be sealed in plastic when shipped.

Hand Sanitizer

Not All Sanitizers are Created Equal

Simple, we test our alcohol supply at a Health Canada accredited lab. The results showed our alcohol quality met the USP (pharmaceutical grade) benchmark. View our lab results here. Some companies are using inferior quality alcohol that can be toxic to humans. When Health Canada finds this out they issue a public recall.

We strongly believe this to be a misleading statement. 

Alcohol based hand rubs are trusted worldwide as an effective way to kill germs and help reduce the spread of infection. However no alcohol based hand sanitizer can kill C.Difficile or most other spore forming bacteria. On Jan 21, 2020 the FDA sent a warning letter against making the claim “Kills more than 99.99% of most common germs that may cause illness in a healthcare setting, including MRSA & VRE”. There are 2 active class action lawsuits in regards to these claims in the USA. Currently Health Canada allows alcohol sanitizer companies to use the claim “kills 99.9% of germs” if they pay to get a laboratory test done. However this test only tests against certain types of germs and not all germs. Our 70% IPA solution is within the CDC/WHO guidelines making it as effective as any alcohol based sanitizer making this claim. In addition both lemon and mint essential oils have proven bacteria killing properties. 

Currently the CDC, WHO, Health Canada and FDA do not recommend using alcohol-free hand sanitizers. We believe in trusting science, and alcohol based hand sanitizers are proven to be the safest and most efficient at killing germs. 

We are not dermatologists and everyone’s skin reacts differently. But we have several testimonials from people with eczema, psoriasis and sensitive skin stating that their hands feel moisturized and not aggravated after consistent use. We have not had any complaints of skin irritation. If you experience skin irritation, discontinue use and please let us know about your experience. We welcome feedback.

3 Reasons:

1. To keep hands hydrated and moisturized: with frequent use of alcohol based hand sanitizer comes dry skin, which can even lead to cracks in the skin, especially during winter. Cracks in the skin can provide a direct route into your bloodstream for germs, leading to infection. 

2. For our natural refreshing light scent: no one likes to lather their hands in something that smells like cheap tequila. Our lemon + mint essential oils help neutralize the smell of alcohol after rubbing onto hands without using artificial fragrance. 

3. An added punch in killing strength: both lemon + mint essential oils have clinical studies proving they contain natural bacteria killing properties.

Spray generously, you need enough to adequately cover all areas of your hands, it should be enough that it does not dry immediately and you have time to rub thoroughly on all areas of hands.

It's important to note, alcohol does not kill germs instantly. Liquid formulas have shown to kill germs within the 10-15 second range and gels typically take around 30 seconds - view source.

Health Canada recommends and requires every hand sanitizer to have “rub for 30 seconds” which is why we recommend to rub for 30 seconds or until dry. Alcohol needs time with the help of water to break down the cell wall, enter into the cell and kill the germ. 

Be sure to follow the WHO's 8 sanitizing-steps to make sure you don’t miss any areas of your hand. 


We believe you shouldn’t be required to contaminate your hands by touching a common public surface in order to sanitize them. Touch-free dispensers are the safest practice.

No, it is not recommended. The dispenser is approved for our 70% isopropyl alcohol formula. Using anything other than BAC-OFF™ hand sanitizer voids the 1 year manufacturers warranty.

You have 3 options:

1. Screws, which are included. 

2. Appropriate double sided tape, can easily be adhered to the back of our dispenser then attached to the wall, window and more. Ensure you use the appropriate amount to hold up at least 3kg to be safe (not included).

3. Two hooks, can be attached to the wall and the dispenser can be hung by the holes in its back (not included).

Our Smart Spray Dispenser is guaranteed to be free of manufacturing defects for one year from the original date of purchase. We will replace the entire unit or any component deemed by the company to be defective in manufacture, at no charge, during the warranty period.


Don't forget your mask

No, our masks are triple layered material masks, reusable and safe to wash. Health Canada is not recommending use of medical masks for everyday use. (Public Health Use Guide)


Want to know more about our community? 

We have given back to small municipalities in Northern Ontario during the nationwide alcohol shortage in March. Several youth shelters, adult shelters, not-for profit nursing homes, emergency counselling services, volunteer Fire Services and also to small local businesses within the community that were in need. Some of the cities include Timmins, Ottawa, Kitchener, Toronto, Sarnia, Orangeville and more.

We want to donate to local organizations within the community wherever BAC-OFF™ is being sold. We think it’s only fair that your purchase goes towards helping your local community. As you help us grow and expand to other parts of Canada, we will try to support local organizations in that area.  

We believe in the organizations we donate to and continuously donate to some of them. You can follow us @usebacoff on Instagram + Facebook to see how your purchase is helping the community.

Also if you know of an organization that is in need please feel free to send us a message on social media and tell us their story.

The bottle meter is counted in 60 mL equivalent. 

Returns and Exchanges

No, hand sanitizer is classified as a health care product. We must ensure the products we sell you have not been tampered with. We can also not accept the return of masks, this would not be hygienic. However if there is an issue with your order, please contact us and we will remedy the situation.